Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dream A Little Dream

I had to dig deep into my yarn collection to find these beauties again. Yes, I have quite a collection. I just can't pass it up if it's a good buy, or just absolutely gorgeous - like these.

This one reminds me of a coral snake. I'm sure it doesn't really look like a coral snake, but it looks like snake skin with the black thread spun with the cotton. It is a soft, hand-painted cotton yarn called "Evening Sun" from Sugar Apple Creations. I have been dreaming about what to make with it. I hate to rush these things, you know. I envision something lacy and exquisite!

This one is called "Teaberry" and is an acrylic homespun yarn that I found on eBay awhile back. The colors are an odd combination of browns and purple, but it really works well together. It is another light-weight yarn that I can't wait to use.

I suppose I've set these two favorites aside because they are a light-weight yarn. I am most comfortable with regular worsted-weight and I just love working with thick, bulky yarns. Most of my shawls have been made with Lion Brand Yarn's Homespun. People like how soft it is and I like it because it "works up" quickly. I have made an effort to buy less commercially-made yarn and to live up to the Etsy motto and "BUY HANDMADE"!

With several months to think about this particular yarn, I have yet to come up with any ideas for it. I suppose it falls in the category of "What in the world was I thinking?"
It is an Italian yarn called FIOCCO from Filatura Di Crosa. A gorgeous rust and black mohair/acrylic blend. It's very loopy and bulky.

So, I continue to collect yarn whenever I can and dream of what it should become. I am certainly up for suggestions, especially with this last one. And I really need to get a ball-winder of sorts because my kids say their arms are going to fall off if they have to hold any more!

***Note*** On Sugar Apple Creations Blog - Crafty Diversions has posted a tutorial on how to make your own yarn swift!!! This is exactly what I need!


marsha said...


those are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

Joey & Aleethea said...

beautiful yarn!

I received your request to join the EtsyBloggers ring and I wanted to let you know that I've activated your code. Welcome to the EtsyBloggers blog ring! :)

LazyTcrochet said...

Thank you both!

mellowbeing said...

That first yarn looks incredible. I haven't seen thread mixed with yarn like that. Mmmm.. off I go to see her shop :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Beautiful yarns. Love the colors! That last yarn is so cool and fuzzy/lumpy--which seems like an unusual combo! lol How about trying one of those really irregular art scarves?? Know what I mean? I'll bet that would be cool.
Smiles, Karen