Thursday, July 5, 2007

Holiday Fashion!

For something completely different, I often read Mai's Fashionist Blog.
I love seeing how and who she captures for great street fashion.
Anyone with girls knows how often they change their clothes and how important their "look" is. I just thought I'd share my daughter's fashion sense for the Independence Day holiday. Of course, our cat, Mojo wanted to be on the catwalk too!

She also crocheted herself a bracelet to match her outfit. All those hours of chaining and attempts at crocheting a never-ending scarf have paid off. When let loose to roam through my yarn stash, she created a total of 3 unique bracelets and a really cool necklace. Talk about freeform crochet! I hope she continues to be inspired.


Andrea said...

aww cute photo! she is very stylish!:-)

Mai said...

so cute! thanks for the shout-out. i like that you did a detail shot of her bracelet. :-)

marsha said...

great pic of the catwalk and 'catwalk'!!! love it!