Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Of Fishnets and Hogwarts

My love of everything crochet has kept me quite busy lately. There are always so many projects to make and so little time in the day. If I don't write an idea down, it sometimes vanishes. I love to see what other crochet artists are working on and was thrilled to see the final outcome of a project that a friend of mine was working on.

Well-known on Etsy for her fabulous fishnets, Liz Clark, or lizstaley, as some of us know her, blew me away with her rendition of Fred and George, the Weasley twins. The attention to details and quality of the facial expressions are incredible. To have the ability to create twin pieces with a unique style to each one amazes me. And I can't imagine having the nerve to paint on a project that took so much time and effort.

Here's what Liz had to say about the project:

"Fred and George were made for a few reasons. First, my friend Nichole asked if I'd make them for her because she loves the two characters, so they were a commission from the off. But I also made them because I was mad at myself for not writing down the pattern when I made my Spider-man plushie that nearly everyone who saw it was asking me for, so this gave me an opportunity to write and test out a pattern at the same time-- which was fun and challenging! I ended up having to crochet a round, write it down, then when I got to the end I had to go back and make another piece and follow my written instructions while making sure I could follow them if I hadn't written them. It was madness, but I'm glad I did it because it was an awesome experience.

"The best part about doing these, as with any of my projects, was getting them done. They took over 40 hours of work and I learned a lot about making plushies while I was doing them (they are only the third and fourth plushies I've ever made!), including embroidery with yarn, trying not to have a heart attack while painting on a nearly finished project, and using yarn for hair. There was a lot of trial and error involved and a ton of work, but it was fun. And of course, the reaction of the recipient is always a wonderful thing for me. I love it when something I've made brings joy to someone else."

Cheers to you Liz! These boys are incredible!
You can view other works by lizstaley at Etsy.com or by checking her out on Flickr.
Oh, and Happy Birthday Harry!


Terri said...

Those ROCK!! I love the Weasleys!!

Franni said...

great idea featuring someone lazyt, glad it was lizzie!!!