Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tour of my craft space??

In an effort to be more involved with Etsy and to make new friends, I've joined the Etsy Bloggers Street Team. This should be a way to be better able to maintain a list of Etsy blogs. I do enjoy reading everyone's blogs, but it's the organizing that I find difficult. I have played with Technorati and other ways of marking blogs to read later, but it is still so new to me.

The Etsy Bloggers Street Team has joined up with Blog Carnival as a way of getting us all together. To start it all off, they've assigned a theme for our first gathering....a tour of our craft space. I had to laugh......and so did my husband. He said "If you count the magazines in the bathroom, you use the whole house!" This is so true. I have yarn, patterns, books, and magazines all over the place, especially yarn. It would have been impossible for me to organize it all in order to take a nice neat photograph to post. So, here it house!

I do have these nifty little baskets and containers that I take with me wherever I'm working at the moment. Here is my latest work space - my new rocking chair in the living room. So new that I haven't found cushions for it yet. I do love my sheep skin that I found years ago at a Fiber Festival in Maryland. Currently I'm knitting a shawl with Lion Brand Homespun in Tudor. I make a lot of shawls, but I rarely wear one myself. I'll be listing it soon in my Etsy shop, so do stop by and take a look!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

I think a sheepskin lined rocking chair is the perfect place to crochet!!

I had to laugh at the magazines in the bathroom comment--sounds like my house. I am mad at myself, but I got too busy to do the craft room blog thing for the blogger group. Oh well :-) I may just do one anyways, just for fun.

Smiles, Karen

Cozy said...

Your house sounds like mine. I didn't get my post done in time for the carnival but I thought about doing pictures of chairs in all the rooms. That is the good thing about fiber versus glass or ceramics and others. We (fiber/needlearts folks) can work just about anywhere and ususlly do.

Bonny said...

A rocking chair is absolutely the best place to knit/sew/crochet! As far as books and magazines - I've run out of space and keep meaning to pull out the information that I want to keep and chuck the rest - but I know the minute I do I'll want one of the articles or patterns I've seen! Hope you have better luck!

Yazmin said...

Hehe, well you guys do share the house. Why can't it be all your workspace? ;)

Joey & Aleethea said...

I got my post done for the carnival at the last minute...literally...I submitted it exactly 1 minute before the deadline! heehee.

For collecting blogs to read later, and having one location for all of them - I use - it's pretty neat.