Monday, August 20, 2007

Lovely weather we're having

We camped in the rain this weekend. We ended up leaving our tents in the downpour and hoping for better weather to retrieve them next weekend!
It's even a soggy day today, so I'll have to work/Etsy instead of catching up on camp laundry!

In keeping with the theme....I searched EtsyMom Camping and found a few cool items!
Here's a cute tshirt for your little one from miniblisscakes:

And hugsandkisses has this sweet camping outfit too:

All of my sisters' friends had their shawls on and were perfectly snuggly in the inclement weather. I, however, have never made a shawl for myself!
I'm always giving them to friends or selling them. I think I need to make myself a shawl like this one (haven't decided on the color yet)

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Thanks for stopping by......have a great day!

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Stitchblade Etsy said...

I made my oldest daughter a blanket when I was pregnant with her out of that same yarn used in that shawl! Its so soft and pretty. We have not went camping even once this summer and normally we go so much, ahhh maybe next year.....