Thursday, September 20, 2007

Almost Autumn...a crafty post

I StumbledUpon this craft blog with a tutorial of how to make roses from maple leaves and thought I would share. Here is the original blog post. It appears to be in Russian, but I'm not sure.
I found the English version first and thought I'd like to try to make a bouquet. Waiting patiently for the leaves to turn!
How to Make Roses from Maple Leaves

Oh and I found this post that says, to preserve the leaves' colors, just soak them in glycerine as long as you can stand it!


marsha said...

Oh that's totally BEAUTIFUL!!! And so very clever!

Jennifer said...

that is sooooo cool! thanks for posting the tutorial...i can't wait for the leaves to change & fall here so i can give it a try!!

tootsiegrace said...

These are sooo cute! How creative you are! I just wish I had leaves like this in Texas!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Those are awesome!! Thanks for sharing that with us--we have 2 big maples in our front yard and more leaves than you can imagine! lol
Smiles, Karen