Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Busy Busy Busy!

I must clean house and get ready for the feast! What a busy time of year it is. I love show season and this is the first year I've had my Etsy shop open at the same time! So far, so good. I just love the Etsy community. There are great groups, like ClevelandHandmade and EtsyFAST. Plus lots of wonderfully unique and creative people.

I've been making lots of new items to keep up with inventory. Here's a selection of neck scarves. I called them scarflettes and my husband giggled every time! Call it a cowl or button scarf...whatever you will. I like them because they are comfortable and I don't have the long ends to deal with. Pair one with some fingerless gloves and you're all set!

I'll be donning the fine china this week to make things extra special this year for the kids. This is the first year we're staying home and not going to my parents' house. It will be relaxing, I hope.

Take care and stay happy and healthy this holiday season! I'm hitting the yoga mat today : )


Bonny said...

these are such a fun AND functional item - I love all of the colors - so hard to pick a favorite! best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

marsha said...

i absolutely adore your scarflettes ... sassy, chic and functional all rolled into one. :)