Friday, January 25, 2008

Clan Buchanan

Have you ever started a project and wished you hadn't? That's exactly how I feel whenever I attempt to finish this afghan that I started. Afghans are time-consuming, indeed. This one, however, has taken a lot longer than I ever would have expected.

Inspired by the book "The Tartan Rug," by Jenny King, I decided to attempt a full-size afghan in the clan Buchanan tartan pattern. It is intended to be a gift for my aunt and uncle, who take pride in their clan heritage. The instructions are written in British/Australian crochet terminology, with English/US translation. It was intended to be a small lapghan, crocheted in thread. I decided it wouldn't be that much more work to use worsted weight acrylic for a larger afghan.

The base worked up fairly quickly and I thought I was half done. Little did I know that chaining the long pieces and weaving them across to make the plaid pattern was way more than "half the battle." I work on it a little at a time and end up setting it aside. I thought if I got it out and posted my progress on my blog, maybe I would find the inspiration to finish it someday soon. As you can see, I've only just begun the weaving process.

Shhh....who said fringe?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Fiber Friday

With the holidays all packed up and put away, I find myself working anxiously on projects that I've been thinking of. New wool from my sister has me working on too many things at once.
I made a beret out of this sweet raspberry wool. I found another ball of it and am working on a small stole. The gray has shades of pink in it. I have started a patterned scarf, but I'm not sure if I'll continue in this pattern or if something else will come of it.

After being the recipient of several of Mom's ponchos from a few years ago, my daughter still has a passion for fashion. This morning she came downstairs, dressed for school and said "Mom, you don't by any chance have a new pink poncho or wrap that I can wear over this, do you?" Hahaha (No, sweety, but I think I'll whip you up something soon just for a Winter surprise!)

Have a great weekend....and take your yarn with you!!

(Not affiliated with, but do check out Fiber Friday on Etsy - inspired by knittydirtygirl and

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Got Five Minutes?

Really.....that's all it takes to make a Fiber Necklace! Browse your local craft store for some funky pendants or beads (making sure there's a larger hole, or you may have to sew them on). Then find some chunky yarn to match. You can crochet a strip as long as you like, leaving a slit at the end big enough for the pendant or bead. Tie the pendant at one end and work in the ends with a needle.
I found this pretty homespun and a fun green glass heart pendant today. It was easy to make! You can find this one in my Etsy shop!

Monday, January 7, 2008

More Collectibles

One last shot of some Christmas collectibles before they're packed away.
These are from my brother's vintage Santa collection.

Friday, January 4, 2008

For Pete's Sake! They're Etsy Keepsakes!

Here are some collectibles I bought this Christmas at Etsy. I regret packing these up, but I'll be so glad to get them out again next year.

These adorable boxes were a big hit with my family. I kept these three as decorations that will be passed on for years to come. I gave my Dad a penguin with some candies inside. My brother loves the Santa box, inside which I put an antique Santa ornament. My Mom loved the apple box that I gave her, along with the earrings that were tucked inside.

You can see the apple box and more at Check out these bride and groom favor boxes. I'm sure they'll be just perfect for someone's celebration!

These old-fashioned Christmas cards caught my eye. They are mounted on ceramic tiles. I am packing them up for now, but they'll be one of the first things unpacked come next Christmas. I will be mounting a hanger so I can hang them on my wall. These, too, will be treasured for years to come. Visit The Glitter Workshop at Etsy to see what's in store.