Friday, January 11, 2008

Fiber Friday

With the holidays all packed up and put away, I find myself working anxiously on projects that I've been thinking of. New wool from my sister has me working on too many things at once.
I made a beret out of this sweet raspberry wool. I found another ball of it and am working on a small stole. The gray has shades of pink in it. I have started a patterned scarf, but I'm not sure if I'll continue in this pattern or if something else will come of it.

After being the recipient of several of Mom's ponchos from a few years ago, my daughter still has a passion for fashion. This morning she came downstairs, dressed for school and said "Mom, you don't by any chance have a new pink poncho or wrap that I can wear over this, do you?" Hahaha (No, sweety, but I think I'll whip you up something soon just for a Winter surprise!)

Have a great weekend....and take your yarn with you!!

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HandMade Goods said...

is that a drop stitch pattern? i learned about it yesterday while looking through random pages on ravelry and i think i am going to try it out next :o)

i also share the poncho love. i bought one a few years ago on ebay [i know i know - if i knew then what i know now...] that is the perfect shade of grey and is a lovely basic crochet pattern... unfortunately i still cannot crochet or im sure i would be making them [or at least trying to] in every color!

LazyTcrochet said...

Nope, it was just a basic double crochet. I frogged it and started over though. Made a cool wrap instead! said...

oh i love the fashionista story :) too adorable!

Bonny said...

love the gray with pink in it - lovely shade!

I know how you feel - I have more projects than time! and then it will be spring and I'll be in my flower beds, and then summer and I'll be enjoying the sun and then .... well, you get the idea!