Monday, April 21, 2008

Coffee Clutch

You gotta love a husband that will wash dishes. Even if it is only once or twice a year, stepping up to the plate when needed is a good thing. He said "Look! I even scrubbed the coffee pot." Wow - thanks!

The next morning there was dark, burned coffee all over the coffee maker. We discovered that the pot had a crack in it. It's really no big deal since we have other ways of brewing a pot.

We bought the stainless percolator for our anniversary gift. (We buy something together every year.) This pot has been on many a camping trip. The old cabin had a propane stove, but we often used it over the campfire too. I love the taste of percolated coffee, but I feel like I don't really know what I'm doing. I just might have to Google the techniques of percolating coffee (non-electric). It seems to work out tasty though.

The Bodum is my husband's favorite. I'll drink it, but don't particularly care for the "texture" that is at the bottom of my cup. I have seen lovely knitted jackets to keep these warm. I thought about making some, but I'm not sure if it would actually work (and we drink the coffee fairly quickly anyway).

The old aluminum drip pot has been our staple, backup coffee maker as long as I can remember. It's so easy to use. Just heat, pour, and let it drip. Easier for camping vs. the percolator since all you have to do is heat the water. Great-tasting coffee, with possible "texture" depending on the grind.

We always grind our own coffee, fresh in the morning. My main squeeze is Eight O'Clock Columbian (whole bean only) and we try to keep a good decaf bean on-hand for evenings.

While all these options work and work well, I do miss the convenience of the Black and Decker. A replacement carafe is on the list.

Have a cuppa!


High Desert Diva said...

They are convenient, but don't make the best tasting coffee. I like a French press...fantastic coffee!

sleeping bags said...

I have to confess that when I am camping I just make instant coffee. It is too hard for me to crawl out of my bag and make a pot, I know I am lazy.

Parallax Photo said...

I just might have to dig out my french press, now... great coffee, but my cheapo auto drip is just so convenient first thing in the morning.

Allena said...

i love the french press, to get rid of some of the texture try grinding the beans not so much. a rough grind like count to 10 or so.
i have a perculator too, i don't use it much b/c i find the coffee too scoarched, is that even a term?

here's a site you may enjoy it has tutes and directions on how to use different coffee making methods. (I'm not getting paid for this or anything just a site i've read)