Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Good, the BAD, and the ugly

Look what I got in the mail!
Though I love Lion Brand yarn, I've never ordered through their website before. I decided to take advantage of a half-price kit offer to get a great price on this Lion Cashmere Blend and Ruffles yarn. Oooh cashmere! The Ruffles looked so fun to work with too. The kit came with a pattern to make the "Frill-Seeker Scarf" like that pictured on the yarn. It has a very Victorian-slash-Pirate look to it. As tempted as I am to do my own thing with it, I think I'll stick with the pattern since I've never used this specialty yarn before. For more information about Ruffles yarn and the technique required, check out Lion Brand's website.

Both Bad and Ugly is this mess that I made in an attempt at purse handles. This technique of crocheting over clothesline can result in beautiful baskets and bowls. I don't have a beautiful example to show you at the moment, but it coils nicely when crocheted around. What I tried to do here was to use cotton yarn over the clothesline to use as a drawstring for a bag. I should have known better and just torn it out, but I thought it might work and continued. It didn't work, mostly because both the cotton clothesline and the cotton yarn are stretchy. It parted enough to show the clothesline through the yarn and the yarn ended up being very sloppy-looking. I can save some of the cotton, but what a waste of time. I learned a big lesson there.

For a tutorial on how to crochet with clothesline, check out Priscilla Hewett's site here.


High Desert Diva said...

I'll be interested to see the finished cashmere piece. Sorry your purse handle didn't turn out...I hate it when that happens!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Fun new stuff! Hey, don't fret about the purse handle experiment--these are the things that teach, so nothing is a waste of time, really!
Smiles, Karen