Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let's go

Let's go, originally uploaded by lazytcrochet.

Coco and I went running two days in a row now. What a gorgeous day! I hope to take seasonal photos of this trail. It's such a peaceful place to walk, run, hike, or bike. I like to run with my iPod, but I sometimes enjoy the sounds of the woods as well.


SecretMe said...

what a lovely photo and a very healthy lifestyle!

LazyTcrochet said...

Thanks. I should add that I haven't been running there since October. Tending to hibernate in the winter, I'm eager to start again since the ice has melted.

Contrariwise said...

Looks just like my doggie!

I only wish it was dry enough around here to go on a hike with her.

Distressing Delilah said...

How pretty..and it looks warm there! I have been running with my dogs all winter..they love it!..and make great running does a camera!