Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Use what you have...

I decided to take a break from work and do some much-needed Spring cleaning. Certain corners of the house had been piling up since we moved here over 10 years ago! I found matches from our wedding....oh my - almost 20 years ago.
Without much time for Etsy or blogging, I must continue cleaning and try to eliminate the clutter, keeping only the basics. In an effort to use what I have instead of buying new, I finally made a curtain for the dining room window. I bought these sheets very inexpensively and it bothered me at the time that I paid so little for something that someone made and didn't get proper compensation for their fine work. Ah well. At least I am using them now, and will always admire the design. The sheet was a bit narrow for the window, but I like it with the color of the wood.

I also saved a trip to the store by making my own rolls for dinner. I just love a sunny Spring window for rising yeast dough.

Ok, back to cleaning. I could sit and chat all day!
Do stop by my shop to see the hat I just listed. Even though I'm taking a break for cleaning, I hope to list a new hat or something once in awhile. Thanks!

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