Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wedding Challenge

Day one - Oh yeah... I remember seeing something about a cross-team challenge in the EtsyFAST forums. Here it is. Check out the gorgeous pictures and amazing ideas that this couple has planned:

I almost forgot about it, but there was a constant hope that I would find inspiration in time to contribute something. Today I brainstormed and started three different projects. I have some gorgeous ivory chenille and pictured an envelope-style with beads. (Too warm and fuzzy...and what if the ivory doesn't match?) Moving on, I was picturing a 1940's style hat with netting. (She'll probably already have a head piece, I don't have any netting, and what color? ivory, red, teal, black?)

I ended up starting something like this... a 1940's/Asian-inspired clutch. The first rounds were too big and it wouldn't fold flat, so I had to tear it out and adjust the number of stitches. It's still not perfectly flat on the bottom edge. I may leave it an open half-circle, or I may fold in the ends to help form a gusset.

I remembered having a red satin remnant that has flecks of gold glitter on it. I may play with some stiff interfacing and put a sturdy, shiny red lining inside. It will show through the stitching and possibly/hopefully match the dress that the bride is wearing to the reception (at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant OMG!).

I don't want to rush the lining, so I am taking a break until tomorrow. The house is a mess and I need to find something for dinner. The deadline is Saturday so I hope to finish it by then!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow! that sounds like QUITE the wedding! Beautiful. And what a fun challenge. I love the bag--the fan style is perfect for an Asian themed event--and the red lining sounds perfect! I'll have to make sure to check back for the finished project.
Smiles, Karen

Anonymous said...
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