Thursday, April 3, 2008

Window Shopping

So I've been browsing ClevelandHandmade shops wishing I could go shopping. It is almost my birthday after all. Ah well. Maybe when the tax check comes!

Although my birthstone is a DIAMOND, I simply fell in love with this April Showers Necklace from SToNZ (top left). It's chunky, but with a polished, delicate feel.

When I was a young girl my favorite color was always BLUE. Though I've grown quite accustomed to saying BLACK these days....isn't this blue just gorgeous?! These rain chains from smashing (top right) would have me fiddling with my necklace just for fun.

I am a fiery dragon Aries and was drawn to this Element FIRE vegan soap from mystiqueproducts. (bottom left)

My Mother would absolutely love this piece. The Secret Garden from zJayne (bottom right) is one of my favorites as well.

Thanks for shopping with me. Check out this fun way to shop these and all the talented ClevelandHandmade Etsy Artists!


zJayne said...

You Rock Lazy!...thank you for featuring Secret Garden Mom would have loved this piece...she might have understood other ones of mine but this one she would have coveted!

Thank you ...your blog is always GREAT!

Valerie said...

ow very feng shui almost----water, fire, and a little earth

Serendipity Collections said...

Love all your choices!


Cozy said...

Love to window shop too. Thanks for your participation in the carnival.

SToNZ said...

I just noticed this now! Thanks so much!!
Happy New Year...