Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cozy Crochet

Did you notice that Cozy is the featured blogger for May as chosen by EtsyBloggers?
Her crochet trimmed fabric headbands caught my eye. I have always loved the look of crochet and fabric together. Cozy did a wonderful job with the dainty trim on this headband. Beautiful colors too! Do stop by her shop and blog to see what she's up to next!

I need help! I don't seem to have enough time to knit and crochet these days. I've been so busy with spring cleaning, getting the garden started, fitting in a workout, dinner, kids, shopping, etc. All I want to do is work and build up a bunch of Fall inventory, but it seems that I can't! I have stash enough and I really feel that I'm behind already.
Any suggestions??


skiingweaver said...

That headband is lovely! And boy do I ever hear you on the hard-to-find-time front. Maybe you could clone yourself? Or do like I do and neglect the housework shamelessly and let your kids pick the "65 hundred thousand" (as my daugher says) dadelions in the bankyard? :) (And I still don't have enough time, lol!)

Cozy said...

Thanks for showing off my headband. I was really pleased with the way that one turned out. As for time I keep my current project, or several of them most of the time, close to the chair I use most in the family room. I usually have a bit of time in the evenings to knit or crochet while Jim and I watch a bit of TV before bed. Even a few minutes an evening adds up.

Anonymous said...

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storybeader said...

You say, "build up your inventory for the fall," - at least you're thinking ahead. Makes ME feel better. Nice combination in your blog - cozy and lazy!

willow said...

Hi...thanks for stopping by the manor! Love your crochet work. I've always been envious of anyone who can do any kind of needle work.

picciolo said...

hi, love that headband! Good luck with juggling everything, I am in the same boat, I will check back and see if anyone has given you any brilliant ideas
: )