Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How 'bout a beer?

Certainly! (insert Stooges laugh here)
We thoroughly enjoy our Three Stooges talking bottle opener, especially when it goes "whoop whoop whoop" all by itself in the kitchen drawer LOL.

It was a beer-loving weekend at our house in commemoration of my husband's birthday.
He shops the local beer store (LBS) like I shop the local yarn store (LYS). His picks for the beer fest included this one pint 6 oz. bottle of Organic Barleywine Ale from Bison Brewing. At 9.5% alcohol by volume, this one was rich and colorful. A strong English ale. I tasted it, but didn't share this one. He admitted to not noticing that it was organic when he bought it. Their website is www.bisonbrew.com.

He followed this with an "Arrogant Bastard Ale" of which the label boasts "You're Not Worthy." Well, he proved himself worthy. At 7.2% alcohol by volume, this is another strong ale. They themselves say "This is an aggressive beer. You probably won't like it." You can check it out at www.arrogantbastard.com.

While he enjoyed his large bitter ales, I stayed with a local favorite - Great Lakes Brewing Holy Moses White Ale. It is a lightly spiced ale with chamomile. I like mine served with an orange slice. Great Lakes serves up several delicious brews. Check them out at www.greatlakesbrewing.com. My other favorite summer suds are Blue Moon and Hoegaarden (both best-served with an orange slice).

Too many people for the party? I suggest picking up a mini-keg of Heineken. These kegs are perfect for a weekend. They fit in the cooler and the tap system keeps it fresh for as long as it lasts. (I think the package says up to 30 days, but ours never lasts that long!)

And check out this gorgeous beer stein that I found on Etsy! This large textured brew mug is from etcArts.Etsy.com.

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Joey & Aleethea said...

interesting beer stuff, and lol about the talking beer opener!!