Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Notes from the trail

I was finally able to run on the trail again over the weekend. Coco was raring to go and was pulling me all the way. I took the camera with me and stopped several times to take pictures of flowers. Here's a picture of the long, straight part of the trail. It used to be a railroad, so it's pretty flat and straight. At the top is the trail in early April. And below that is the trail by the end of May...taken as close to the original spot as Coco would allow.

We spent the weekend finishing the garden, sitting by the fire, and smoking some ribs!
The garden is in the background. We planted corn, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and spinach. All you can see now are the herbs that survived the winter....oregano, chives, thyme, and sage.


Felicia said...

Aw, Coco is cute as cake!

mary jane said...

looks like you had a great weekend!! i can smell the ribs!
mary jane

Lucky Duck Designs said...

Such a cute pooch! Makes the journey a little more fun :).

Rosebud Collection said...

What wonderful photos..What a trail.
Your garden looks great..we will just be planting ours this week..the last picture was adorable..

girlsavage said...

What a nice weekend! Cocoa looks like such a sweetie! :)

storybeader said...

what a different in one month's time. Looks so lush.