Saturday, May 31, 2008

Playing with Picnik

I've been taking lots of flower pictures this Spring. It has been an amazing season for flowers so far! The lilacs bloomed like never before. I used to use my old Pentax 35 mm a lot. Then we got our first digital camera. It was an older-model Olympus...sorry I forget and my daughter took it camping. When I got a surprise Kodak Easy Share for Christmas, I was a bit apprehensive. My initial need for a camera was for better shots of apparel and accessories for my Etsy boutique. Although I'm still learning how to use it, I once again see the beauty in everything!

I remember carrying the clunker old camera with the big lens, taking many many pictures and finding inspiration in everything. (Singing " Everything is beautiful in its' own way-ay
Like a starry summer night or a snow covered wi-inter's day-ay")

I was fortunate enough to work for a newspaper and developed my own black and white photos for my "Reporter on the Street" job. That allowed me some creativity to work with film.
Unfortunately, I don't have the digital editing skills that I had compared to film. Honestly, I have very little desire to learn it all either. Sure, sometimes I wish I knew more of the basic photoshop techniques. I've played with gimp and paint just enough to do a few minor adjustments. Otherwise, I rely on Picasa for the basics. Flickr allows you to store up to 200 photos for free. Upgrading to Flickr Pro allows unlimited photo storage.

Editing photos in Flickr takes you to the Picnik tools. There are some fun, free tools to play with. You can add borders, text, symbols and have lots of fun playing with pictures. They have many more premium services available as well. Both Flickr Pro and Picnik Premium cost $24.95 a year. I'm planning on asking for a Flickr Pro upgrade for Christmas to continue my subscription.
What a great way to spend a Saturday! Grab a cup of coffee and play with some pictures. I will be uploading several for my parents' 50th anniversary party. I thought a digital frame would be fun!
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower photos!

High Desert Diva said...

I don't have the desire to learn much about photography either (sadly). Just the basics with Picasa. I didn't know about the Flickr stuff though...

LazyTcrochet said...

Oh I love photography, but NOT the digital editing LOL.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Oh you were a reporter on the street? I was very early on in my career. I miss it sometimes.

LazyTcrochet said...

That's cool Helen. I don't miss it! It was a dreaded summer job in college. I only miss the darkroom!

Anonymous said...

thanx for the great story I'm adding your link

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I am trying really hard to enjoy the photography part of the business. I was never very good with the regular cameras (more like a running joke in our family, if the heads were cut off..."Oh, Karen must have taken THAT one!"). I am much better with all the practice I've had having the Etsy shop, and I don't mind setting up the pics and taking them, but I do find the photoshopping tedious and boring.

Your photos are really nice! Love the pic of the kids smiling politely! lol

Smiles, Karen

Anitra Cameron said...

Didn't know that about Flickr. Thanks for the info.

And nice to know I'm not the only one who can't resist taking pictures of the flowers in my yard!