Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Shoe Review

I finally wore out my old running shoes. It only took me 5 years! Really, I put most of the miles on them last Spring then took the Winter off....big mistake. So my favorite Nike's lasted me through this Spring, but are now quite thin. I've put off shoe shopping because my feet are susceptible to blisters and it's difficult to find shoes that fit me comfortably - plus they are expensive! So, I did what George W. wanted me to do and spent some of my tax rebate on new running shoes.

My old ones are Nike Air Pegasus, so I thought I would try those first. Of course, they didn't have my size. I tried on other shoes for almost 45 minutes before the guy miraculously finds a pair of Air Pegasus - this year's model and not on sale. Wow, they fit perfectly! They are so comfortable compared to anything else I tried on. Plus, they have the Nike + technology capability. I have an iPod Nano that I run with and the Nike + is designed to track your runs through the iPod Nano. So, I spent the extra $30 for the cool new toy that goes with the shoes.

I tried them yesterday for the first time. The Nike + transmitter fits into a slot under the insole of the left shoe and there's a small part that plugs into the charging slot of the iPod. It's easy to use. You can pick different settings, but so far I've just tried the Basic Workout. I picked my usual playlist and hit "start workout." The shoes were very comfortable on the trail. I was worried that the transmitter thing was going to be like the Princess and the Pea, but I can't tell it's there. I ended my workout and a voice came on and told me how many miles I ran, my pace, and approximate calories burned. It was pretty cool. When I got home, I signed up for the Nike + account online and plugged in my iPod. In iTunes it asks if I want to save the run and send it to Nike + and it was almost instantaneous.

I had a really slow day yesterday. I always walk to warm up, start to run and it sucks. I have to force myself to keep going, then eventually it gets easier and I settle into a pace that I'm comfortable with. I'm very slow, plus it takes into consideration my pace when I'm walking to warm up and cool down also.

I ran again today and it was a better day. I tried to push it a little at the end and I ended up making it back in less time, so I was a little faster. I'm not concerned with how fast I'm going at this point. I'm just running for weight-loss and because I enjoy it. At the end of the run today, the voice came on as before and told me my distance, time, pace, and calories burned. Then Lance Armstrong himself congratulated me for a "personal best" on my run! Hahaha that was pretty cool, even though I only ran at 17 minutes per mile!! Hey I don't care. Like I said, I'm slow, but at least it's a workout. I'm sure I can only get better and this seems like a great way to track my workouts.

Here's a screenshot of the two workouts. Yesterday's shows the run and you can see where I walked, or stopped for the dog to go LOL. Then there is another view of today's that shows the stats. The totals are at the top. There's lots of cool stuff I haven't learned yet, but it's a fun way to keep a running log. As I get better, I may not have to walk as long to warm up, or I may hit "start workout" when I actually start running, just so my walking isn't messing with the recorded pace.
All in all I love my new cyber shoes. I would recommend the Nike Air Pegasus + 25 to anyone. However, they are running shoes. If you like to walk or do other training, there are shoes designed for that that would work much better for you.
Keep up the good work and send some inspiration my way! Running is great inspiration for blogging also. I saw an orange newt today...but I didn't have my camera!


High Desert Diva said...

I am soooo seriously behind the times. Running shoes with built in Ipod whatever technology? Makes my head swim! I don't even have an Ipod.

Very cool stats though...and a message from Lance! Well, enough said!

Rosebud Collection said...

You are doing great..I wish I had the desire. You have to feel proud of yourself for doing something so good for you..I am proud of you..

Rosebud Collection said...
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Alice said...

Nice post!! Well, thanks for the wonderful review about Nike+ iPod shoes.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow! How cool are those shoes?!!
What will they think of next? Good for you for starting back up with your running!
Smiles, Karen