Thursday, July 10, 2008

Experimental Rye

I've been wanting to make some rye bread ever since I bought a big bag of dark rye flour from the Mesopotamia General Store. That's one thing I love about living near Amish country - the availability of bulk goods. I buy my steel cut oats there along with yeast and many types of flour.

I didn't have a specific recipe in mind for rye bread, but I found some listed on and thought I would try it. The first recipe listed here is the one that I made. While the others sound good also, they were too large for my Kitchen Aid and I didn't have enough flour to make 4 loaves.

I ended up using a little more flour than called for because the dough was just too sticky. It kneaded-up perfectly and I shaped it into two oblong loaves to rise. I also had to bake it about 10 minutes longer than the recipe called for. Turn the loaf over and give the bottom a thump to see if it sounds done. It needs to have a hollow-sounding thump vs. a dense thump.

Taste-tests proved this to be a success. When I tasted it, I was disappointed that there wasn't much, if any, rye flavor. I wished I had picked a recipe that called for caraway seeds. I may search for a dark rye or other styles with seeds. That will be the next experiment.
The kids loved it, however. My son requested French toast for dinner and ate three big pieces. Even my daughter, who shy's away from whole grains, said it was delicious - smeared in butter, of course. So, even though it tasted like whole wheat bread to me, getting the kids to eat better makes this recipe a keeper!



I want some now!! :0)

High Desert Diva said... it smelled wonderful, too!

Shiny Black Shoes said...

mmmm it sounds wonderful!! Looks great too, yum!

Felicia said...

Sorry it wasn't exactly the taste you want but gosh yes its a keeper if the kids eat it without coercion! :)

Marie said...

I love making bread from scratch. It's so fulfilling.

Getting my husband to eat "healthy" bread is a bit tricky too. I tend to just sneak a little bit of rye or wheat into the breads I make.

I hope you make many more.

sherry said...

I'm impressed! Isn't it funny how kids will eat whole grains when they see the process. Happens in my house to.

Vintage said...

My Grandmother made the best rye bread. Really Rye tasting, soft inside with a chewy crust. She never wrote the recipe down! I've been searching forever.