Thursday, July 17, 2008

Knitting Nerd

This is it. This is the weekend of the long bike trip that my husband has had planned for months now. He packed up my car and loaded up his bike for a long weekend of mountain-biking near State College, PA. Yes, I said "my car." Well, it used to be my car. Since his has become too scary to drive, he's been driving mine. The guys at work have long-since ignored the Knitting Nerd and Crochet Geek stickers on it. I do like having my shop name on my car, but I haven't been doing much driving myself these days.

So, I handed him a stack of business cards and sent him on his way. I only now realize that I never did get around to making the wool cycling cap that I promised him. I'll have to get on that, but I'll need him to be home to fit it properly.

With a long weekend and no car, what to do, what to do? I have several projects planned and a room full of yarn. I tend to get overwhelmed with ideas at this point. Or, I'll start something, set it aside and decide to start something else instead. Then I'll end up with 4 projects that all need finishing. So, I'm trying to decide what to work on first. Something that will keep my interested enough to finish it and move on.

I think I'll start with this gorgeous Teaberry homespun. Shawls have always been my favorite project. There are lots of designs floating around in my head. Next, I'm going to play with some knit and crochet hat designs and try to get a basket full ready for my first show in October.

Oh and watch for lots of new listings on My niece modeled for me (thank goodness she didn't pass out in the heat) and I have lots of photos waiting for me.
Have a great weekend! I'll keep you posted of my accomplishments.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have better luck than I do. In my free weekends I spend most my time thinking about what to do first and never get much done.
Have a great, productive weekend!

Marie said...

That yarn is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

I see you didn't go with hubby on the bike trip. Probably for the best. It's hard to knit and bike at the same time. I hope you get at least half of what you wanted done. It's more than what I manage to accomplish.