Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Bubbles

My daughter found several half bottles of bubble stuff while we were cleaning out the garage. I happened to remember buying a bubble wand at a craft show and we had never used it. It's like a lasso on a stick that you dip into a bucket of solution. I lost the recipe for the solution, but she made do with what she gathered up. The result were some gigantic bubbles. It's hard to get perspective of how big they were, plus you have to be quick to photograph bubbles!

Dinner was a challenge. I've been remembering our honeymoon in Bermuda 20 years ago. It was in August of 1988. One of my favorite things was the meat pies you could get from the street vendors. Other than a delicious version my Dad found in Toronto's Jamaican village, I had never had them before.

Here's a recipe I found on Food Network. They omitted the instructions for the filling, but I just fried it all together and it worked well. The recipe for the dough is spot on. It was surprisingly easy...and delicious! And yes...that tomato was fresh-picked from my garden.
Hope you take time to enjoy this recipe.


High Desert Diva said...

Now that is a bubble!

The empanada sounds delicious!

Walk in the Woods said...

Wow - AWEsome bubble!!!!

And meat pies - YUM! I used to work in a town that had a great Jamaican deli/market/lunch-place that made the best meat pies. Haven't had one in years . . . I may have to check that recipe!

Thanks for sharing!

TNT2008 said...

Thank you for the empanada recipe. Since moving from the Houston area, I miss great Mexican food (mainly my Mom's and seafood). I know what I am making this weekend:)

April Horsman said...

Doesn't THAT look good! I'm going to try the recipe tomorrow. My hubby will thank you for something fun!

And I haven't grown out of bubbles yet. We have our 3 year old daughter and I'm quite certain we go through a big jug of bubbles every couple weeks :)

Hope things are good. I'm going to send you a message this weekend about something :)


Crafty Mama said...

That dinner looks yummy!