Monday, August 18, 2008

It's a Blog Carnival!

I'm so happy to be hosting this weeks Blog Carnival for the EtsyBloggers Street Team!
We just had a fun and wonderful week celebrating our 1st anniversary as a street team on Etsy. We had great participation with this weeks Blog Carnival. The topics up for discussion were "Back-to-School" and what's your favorite tool and why.
I, for one, can't wait for school to start! I will enjoy having more time to create. So, grab a cuppa joe or something. There's lots to read here!

Welcome to the August 18, 2008 edition of etsybloggers.

lazytcrochet presents Time's A-Wastin' posted at LazyTcrochet.

Brandy presents Tools of the Trade posted at Wyles Style.

Ashley presents So Easy A Caveman Can Do It posted at Wax Dribbles & Melt Pools.

Stormy Designs presents My Favorite Tool posted at Stormy Designs.

HomeMadeOriginals presents Tools of the Trade posted at Home Made Originals.

Ebony presents Tools of my trade posted at Off The Peg

shellmitchell presents Back to School posted at Shell Mitchell Accessories
and Design

presents School Days, School Days posted at Rock-a-Baby Clothing

Yazmin presents
Etsy Blogger's Carnival: The Best Tool Ever posted at A Pretty Rock Jewelry - blog.

Donna Pool presents EtsyBloggers Rock! posted at Donna Says....

Kelly Drill presents Guest Vendor with Artiste Congo posted at Macaroni and Glue

Rainy presents Tools of the Trade Blog Carnival posted at RainyDayArt.

Alicia Mae presents What I Want For My Birthday - In an ideal world posted at AliciaMae's Xanga.

Vanessa presents The significance of a backpack... posted at Designs by Vanessa.

Jen (bfbeads) of Baby Friendly
presents Etsyblogger Carnival -- Favorite Crafting Tool posted at Mama's Magic.

Kathy and Carrie presents Back To School posted at CalKat The Jewelry

presents Back to school- EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival!!! posted at MandyMagoo.

theophany. presents august 12th. posted at myself, in pieces..

storybeader presents Tools of the Trade - Etsybloggers Carnival posted at Stroll Through Storyland.

HBIC presents Back to School, again and again posted at Home Deconomics.

Kathy Johnston (Cozy) presents
School Day Priorities posted at A Cozy Life.

hadesigns presents I'm not ready... & Blossom Delight Drawing posted at ha! designs.

Erika presents Tool
of the Trade
posted at TOTE-N-TOTS.

Margaret Chayka presents I'm Getting the Back to School Munchies posted at Crafty Chef Graphics
Foodie & Craft Blog

CREATEaTHOUGHT presents Tools of my trade posted at CREATEaTHOUGHT.

gabrielle presents Oh My - Life of cutting paper posted at Mintage Home.

Gloria Gangi presents Tools Of The Trade posted at All Things Handmade.

miesmama presents Back to School is coming soon! posted at miesmama.

Janet Reddick presents Back To School posted at Sky Girl Style.

FaerieRebecca presents What?! It's August?! Oh dear... posted at FaerieRebecca's Workbench

Brandi Morgan presents
EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival...Tools of the Trade! posted at The Creative

Lily Wrey
presents FAVORITE BEAD TOOL posted at TuLips Talking.

Melinda Beatty presents Drilling For all I?m
posted at My
Aphrodite Jewelry

presents Back to School Anticipation posted at Spotted Cow Soaps.

Candy Stick Lane presents
...Ode to the Spray Bottle posted at CSL.

That concludes
this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
etsybloggers using our carnival submission
. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index

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HomeMadeOriginals said...

The Blog Carnival post looks great!

High Desert Diva said...

Now that is a lot of hyperlinks!

SpottedCow said...

Thank you for hosting this carnival. I had fun reading.

Vanessa said...

Thank you for hosting. Time to start reading ;)

Shell Mitchell said...

Thanks for hosting! There are so many this week!

miesmama said...

wow, that was a lot of pots, and I did them in two sittings!
thanks for hosting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting. I am next and hope I can do as well as you have. Looks great!


storybeader said...

great write-up. Lots of people, yippee! Thanks for hosting!
Etsybloggers Rock!

Wyles Style said...

Looks great! They were really fun topics!