Monday, August 11, 2008

Mobius Huh??

I've been making twisted wraps for awhile now. Once discovering the secret to the continuous twist, I've just made them up as I go, choosing colors and changing the width and edgings. It's a fun accessory because it can be worn so many different ways. Wear a narrow strip as a scarf, wider as a hooded scarf, or even wider to keep your shoulders warm.

Although I've used the term "mobius" for the twisted wraps, I only just looked up the true definition this morning. I think the answer lies with's Ask the Experts. "What is the Mobius Strip? ...a Mobius strip only has one side and one edge. It was named after Ferdinand Mobius.

Ants would be able to walk on the Mobius strip on a single surface indefinitely since there is no edge in the direction of their movement"

Click on the picture for a link to purchase a poster!

If you'd like to make your own Mobius wrap, I found a pretty pattern for a Starry Night Shrug from Lincraft. Click on the "printable pattern" for a pdf file and a really cute picture!


High Desert Diva said...

Always interesting to read definitions...I'll skip the ants though

pcso lotto said...

I'm thankful with your blog it is very useful to me.

Anonymous said...

You obviously love what you do, it shows in your creations.

Getting the bug spray now...


storybeader said...

Oh, to be an ant, and only have to walk in one direction. How do they get home?

The wraps are so pretty - great accessory when the in-between seasons.