Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rose Red

After my last post, I thought I had better lighten it up a bit around here!
Seeing so many gorgeous RED items on Etsy lately, I was anxious to use some vintage Italian kid mohair yarn that I found.
A little bit of luxury that I couldn't wait to work with, ended up into these fabulous long-style arm warmers or fingerless gloves. I designed them to be long at the fingertips as well so they can keep you warm, or wear them folded.
Stop by and take a look.....and give me a heart while you're there?


April Horsman said...

*sigh* I've been limiting my etsy browsing time with Christmas coming. The fall and winter colours just warm my heart and make me want to shop :)

And you SHOULD come up for a party haha. We'd have a blast :)

Have a great weekend,


moxylyn said...

These are gorgeous! I've never owned a pair of fingerless gloves but if I have my way I will own more pairs this winter than I have jeans!

tatsuko said...

Love the colour, and the long length to keep your forearms toasty!

san said...

Love your blog, add me if you want to,

I joined the Cleveland Street TEam today, and am trying to get up to speed on the great things you gals are doing! count me in on a pair of fingerless gloves as soon as I figure out what color etc.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous...I love fingerless gloves, I can type with them on >^.^<

Anonymous said...

Cool - or should I say WARM (for the winter is a-coming!)

Cozy said...

I love the color. The fold back option for the fingers makes sense. Great design idea!

Walk in the Woods said...

Love them!!! The fiber, the color, the pattern - they're great!