Thursday, November 13, 2008


Why do consignment shops wait until November to contact me? Sure you need items for your shop, but so do I. Contact me in June when I've nothing better to do! And 50%??? wow

How stupid was it for me to name my shop LazyTcrochet? I think that "crochet" in general prevents people from even browsing, let alone the Lazy part. It's too late now, plus I stink at naming anything. I had a cat named "Kitten" for goodness sake.

Great timing for the Ohio Unemployment Fund to run out of money! What the heck? I thought people paid into that for a reason.
Oh yeah, and Etsy has hardly mentioned it, but there's a big Trunk Show in the Virtual Labs tonight! Watch for Cleveland Team artists, among several other teams in the Around the World Trunk Show - tonight at 7 pm Eastern time HERE in the Virtual Labs.

P.S. - Etsy did post a Storque article later this morning regarding the trunk show!
You can read about it here.


Head Bitch in Charge said...

Haha, I feel your pain. I only have one shop that's a pain in my keister and I'm terminating my business with them to go down the street. Some people just don't get it. And they run businesses! Scary.

miesmama said...

that's funny - I have just got two convo's today about wholesale?! It's a bit late for the holidays now - I can barely make enough for the etsy store! I still love your shop name though! :)

Linda said...

IMO the only thing worse than lazy crochet is cats and crochet. yea. titled my blog Fat Cat Crochet. Scares 'em right off. Oh well. i have my 5 or 6 followers thats good enough for me:)

Marie said...

hmm yes names are so important... i did check for mine before taking it, so it wouldn't mean anything bad in another language.... but i recently found out that in french the ancient root of this name meant "badly dressed" loool

(i like "kitten" as a cat name tho :-))

Laura said...

My sister's husband used to have a cat named "Woem" ("meow" backwards), LOL! All of my cats have had "S" names - Sasha, Star, Stormy - I know, not very original!

I'm in Ohio too (also Cleveland area) and apparently if the unemployment fund runs out of money, the state will borrow money from the federal government - they won't stop paying out claims (good to know, because I may be laid off soon from my job).

You have some beautiful crochet designs by the way!