Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Take a Little Time to Unwind

Today is a much-needed rest day for me. I frantically tagged and tallied all my items to set up at the Tour of Homes Christmas Walk. I still have a few works-in-progress that I didn't complete on time, but since it's a 2 1/2 week show, I can take them in later on this weekend. Today...I get to do whatever I want!
I think I'll bake some cookies. I created a fabulous cookie treasury on Etsy the other day. It's about to expire, but here are a few of my favorite treats. These rub-ons from Yaelfran are so cool. I will be adorning my coffee mug with some of these soon I hope.

There are lots of sweet treats available on Etsy. Check out the selection by cakeboxcookies. You can't rush fall with these beauties!

As for me, I think I'll make some soft pumpkin cookies. Pleasing my picky son with anything besides chocolate chip has always been a challenge. He loves pumpkin pie and I'm sure he'll eat pumpkin cookies, as long as there's no nuts in them.

Get in the holiday baking spirit by checking out 12 Days of Christmas Cookies at Nestle's Sign up now to receive Food Network's 12 Days of Cookies Newsletter at Happy baking!


TiLT said...

mmmm...yummy yummy yummy...saw the cookie treasury before - awesome sugary goodness!
You deserve a cookie break for sure!

agoodwitchtoo said...

MMMMM.... cookies!

Yes, you do deserve a cookie break! Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Got milk? I am ready for some homemade baked goodness :o)

BeadedTail said...

Pumpkin cookies sound so yummy! I didn't know there was such a thing but I will have to be looking for a recipe!

LazyTcrochet said...

Here's the recipe I like...
They have a recipe box tool that I have used for years.

Hey Harriet said...

I hope your day of baking cookies will be followed by a day of eating cookies!

Happy baking! I'm imagining the aroma of freshly baked delights wafting around me as I type this :)

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