Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter X Games - It's all about the style

Today is the final day of the Winter X Games 2009 from Aspen, Colorado. I admit that I watch it. I don't care much for the snowmobiles, but holy cow... a double back flip on one?!
So, yeah, I watch the crowd mostly. When the shredders take their helmets off, it's exciting to see what funky hat they're wearing this time. For's all about the hats.
Handmade stands out from the crowd. When I see something that's obviously handmade, I can't help but wonder who made it. Did they make it? Did their girlfriend or grandmother make it? That's another thing...with knit and crochet, you can't always assume that someone's grandmother made it. These days LOTS of people are working the needles themselves. It is thrilling to see (for me anyway)!
Of course there aren't very many pictures posted of the crowd or "hat fashions" from the games. If I had been there, there would be.

(Photo by Doug Pensinger-Getty Images North America)
Here's one I found of Hannah Teeter, sporting the popular big slouchy beanie look. This one is from Burton.
It's hard to tell what will be fashionable next season. Visor beanies have been around for a few seasons now. Burton makes an earflap hat with earbud/headphones attached! For the X Games crowd, individuality, funky style, and will it fit comfortably under their helmet is what matters.
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Chrisy said...

well next year me thinks u should send the high profile athletes a freebee of one of ur caps...with ur tag sewn on the outside of that photographers will be taking pics of lazyt fashions...

LazyTcrochet said...


High Desert Diva said...

That's a great hat. First glance...I thought the tag was a rhinestone buckle...which would have been very cute.

I like Chrisy's idea...

Alpaca Granny said...

With it so cold and snowy this winter all I care about is a hat that is warm and completely covers my ears.