Friday, October 16, 2009

Fabulous Felted Headband

Cleveland Handmade is hosting a giveaway to thank all our wonderful supporters and customers, as well as give you the opportunity to check out the high-quality handmade art in member shops. We’re giving you the chance to win this Carmen headband in red generously donated by Cleveland Handmade member la petite libellule.

Visit to enter. Check out the rules HERE. It's easy to enter! (Currently open to U.S. residents only.) Enter by Wednesday, October 21st at noon (EST).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October's Featured EtsyBlogger is....

And, in keeping with the spirit, I thought I'd show a few of the Halloween-themed items from her shop. I love this star-shaped baby blanket, and to make it in orange and black is just perfect for Halloween! How creative!
There are earrings and necklaces and some great vintage finds. And there are some fun amigurumi toys in her shop, like this sneaky snake named Gary!
Congratulations to MadeByMelissa for being the EtsyBloggers Team Featured Blogger for October! Stop by her shop at and be sure to visit her blog at

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Spirit Continues...

I mentioned my brother's art work in my previous post. He sent me some pictures from the many pieces that adorn his walls. Mixed with the monster collection, horror movie posters, Pabst Blue Ribbon and rock 'n roll ephemera are hundreds of guitars, line drawings, paintings and ceramic pieces like these. I picked my favorites to show you here. Chris is also designing and building handmade guitars in his spare time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

In the Spirit of Things

I've been so busy making things for the many shows that I have planned that I haven't taken time to decorate for Fall or for Halloween. Today, I am setting aside some time to clean and put up a few fun things to spook the kids and kick off the spirit of Halloween.
My favorite Halloween decorations are the black lights that I hang in the window and the vintage jack-O-lantern that is missing the clip-on light, but I put it over a basic candle lamp. There's something about things that glow that make this time of year special. For me, it's kind of a transition as the evenings get darker and calls for candles at Thanksgiving and twinkle lights at Christmas.I also love these two handmade pieces from my brother, Chris. I'm always encouraging him to create more. His love of guitars has taken over the creative side of his brain lately though. He has always been a big fan of Halloween and has a huge monster collection. He painted this fun sign on a piece of slab wood. This skeleton is a sample of the many skulls and Frankenstein masks that he's created over the years. There are so many gorgeous pieces on his walls and I really think that he should open a museum! (Perhaps we should collaborate and create a book of monster art or something.)I am also mesmerized by the art of Jack & Cat Curio. Something about Frankenstein in art always grabs my attention, but when I saw the beeeswax dripping from this Halloween collage, I had to ask them about it.
I asked Jack & Cat Curio to tell me a bit about themselves...
"We are a couple that love to stay up late creating mixed media pieces. We specialize in encaustic/beeswax collage. We compile different imagery and ephemera and then put it all under several layers of beeswax. Sometimes we use colored wax to achieve a certain look, other times a heat dye. Sometimes we stamp, imprint, and graph the wax.
We also specialize in digital imagery,trinkets and do-dads. Lesley also creates confectionery goods when not crafting with beeswax. We also travel and teach several workshops and classes on these topics."
I did look up "encaustic" and read that it was a technique using hot wax with pigments and that it was first used in Greek ship building to seal cracks in the ships and evolved into an art form from there.
You can visit to see more of their beeswax collages, altered art, mixed media, and prints. I encourage you to visit their blog as well at I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to their "Art Makin' Blues" playlist while writing this. I may just keep it playing and dance around as I decorate this morning! And, if you're in the Phoenix area, check out the class schedule as posted on their blog.
(Special thanks to Mike and Lesley from!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009