Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

We're in between snow storms here. It's been clear and COLD! I was so glad to have nice weather for Cleveland Handmade's Last Minute Market. The crowd was fantastic and it's so nice to see people buying handmade!
Here's a fun selection of gifts from some of my Cleveland Etsy Teammates...
Click HERE to browse all items from the ClevelanTeam.

Blizzard Necklace from Simple Elements Design
What a pretty necklace! I do love snow!

Pearl Gray on White Lace Medallion Dinner Napkins from giardino
I thought the lace print on these linen napkins looked like snow! These would make a lovely gift.

Waiting for Santa Holiday Greeting cards
I love these cards from ApollosonAcres! Horses are so pretty, especially when they are having fun in the snow!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last Minute Market!

for complete details on the Last Minute Market & Screw Factory Open Studio and the Early Bird Hour to benefit the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland, please visit:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cookie Time!

Food Network has started its 12 Days of Cookies emails, so I guess that means it's time to start baking cookies! I was looking through my blog to see what kinds of recipes I've shared over the years. Several of our family favorites are posted and many of them freeze well. Why not start now and get a head start on the holidays? Here are a few favorite cookie recipes. There are a lot more recipes on the blog (search "recipes").

Cocoa Drops with Browned Butter Icing

Christmas Cookies (or Nonie Cookies)

Sugar and Spice

Rugelach Little Nut Rolls

Monday, November 22, 2010

Owlish Wish List

My niece LOVES owls and I think their fascination has rubbed off on me. Owls are so beautiful and anytime I see a handmade owl item, I take time to admire them. Here are a few gorgeous pieces that I would love to own...or have shipped to my niece in Finland!

Owl Family Soap from SatinandBirch

SAWWHET OWL Original Art Greeting Card from catcanpaint

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Get Creative!

Fun finds to help spark ideas in kids.
Check out all the fun clip art packages available at TheNaughtyPenguin. Kids are pretty tech-savvy these days. I picture them having fun making Christmas cards for family and teachers. Girl Scout groups making cards and packages for the nursing home. Creative holiday and cookie exchange invitations, and more! There are so many fun designs. It was hard to choose some to show. Stop by and see for yourself @

DIYFluffies is a really cute shop, full of sewing patterns and kits to make your own soft toys! This kit comes with everything except the stuffing and looks like it would be a great project for someone learning to sew. There are lots of designs to choose from and even more patterns to do it yourself. Look at all the cuteness at!

Want an easier project for kids to sew? The Pocket Doll Kits by ConnieLouFabrics offer an array of dolls and ornament kits that are printed on soft fleece fabric. You cut them out, sew and stuff them into dolls or add a ribbon for ornaments. They would make great gifts for kids to give!
Visit to see all the fun designs.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More from the Greatest Sweater Ever

Do you remember these two purses that I made awhile ago? I finally made a Button Cowl or Collar from the collar of the original sweater. I've been wanting to do this for a long time and I finally found some classic vintage sweater buttons to use. I used matching wool to crochet a button hole edging along the one side. I LOVE how this turned out. It is so cool and comfortable, affording lots of different ways to wear it.

AND, I still have the sleeves! I'm thinking of making some mittens, then all I'll have left are scraps for flowers and a fabulous wool belt. I'm just sorry that I didn't take a picture of the entire sweater before I started all these projects.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Win your Wish List

Did you know that you can add items from any website to your Wish List?? That's pretty cool. I've added some gorgeous handspun yarns from favorite Etsy spinners to mine. And, when you add an item to your Wish List, you are eligible to enter The Wish and Win $100,000 Sweepstakes from
How does it work? It's easy. First you install their "Add To Wish List" button to your bookmarks toolbar. (Make sure you're already signed up for an account at When you're browsing the internet and see something that you'd like, click on "Add To Wish List" and it will automatically be added.

Read the official rules HERE, but you can enter once a week from now until December 19th and you could possibly win your wish list! What a great way to win some Holiday Gifts from LazyTcrochet!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Color Chart

I just made a fun color chart for an upcoming Blog Review and Giveaway. I love all the colors available in Caron's Simply Soft. I stink at tying tiny bows and the yarn tends to separate as well. I think next time I'll make tiny swatches.
Watch for an upcoming Glove Giveaway here on my blog as well. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Be Social, Not Snarky!

Cute and Snarky Pet Tags from

"How is it that we've been both doing this same show for over three years now and I've never seen your stuff?" This was the question recently posed to me by a local crafter. The answer? "Because you never took the time to look around you!"
Seriously. I've been doing art and craft shows for several years now and it always amazes me how many people walk right on by. I know it's sometimes busy and you may be by yourself at this show, but it really would only take a few minutes of your time to walk around, talk to people and make an effort to see what it is that they do. Some shows are huge and you wouldn't have time to visit everyone (and I'm not saying that you have to), but if it's a smaller show or if there's a lull in the crowd, what's stopping you?
You may not be interested in my knit and crochet goodies. That's okay. I would still take time to look at yours. Even if I've seen you at a previous show and even if I am not interested in buying something from you, I would still smile and say hello as I moved on around the room.
These friends are brimming with creativity. You'll never know what you'll find! It's called Social Networking. So, take some time to respect your local crafter today. Thank you!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Counting Crows

One Crow Sorrow
Two Crows Joy
Three Crows a Wedding
Four Crows a Boy
Five crows Silver
Six Crows Gold
Seven Crows a Secret
Never to be told.

- Author Unknown

There are many variations of this, including death, witches, Heaven and Hell. I also read about crows holding court and ganging up on one another. Although they can be noisy, crows can be fun to watch. There is a family of three that live around here. I've seen a lot of crow art on Etsy lately, so I'm guessing it's a trend for the coming Halloween/Autumn season. I particularly love this Black Raven Wash from Poor Dog Farm.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cleveland Handmade Market 9/11

SEPTEMBER 11th and DECEMBER 4th, 2010 10am-6pm

Our next two Markets will be in downtown Cleveland at the Wooltex Gallery.

Get a headstart on your handmade holiday shopping!

Enjoy the historic Tower Press building (and its in-house eatery, the Artefino Art Gallery Cafe.)
Find a Sparx City Hop Passport and present it for 10% off your purchase with any seller at the Market, the Wooltex Gallery and at Artefino! This discount will be offered at both of our Markets at the Wooltex!

Easy access from Interstate 90 and free off-street parking.

The Cleveland Handmade Market at Wooltex
The Wooltex Gallery at Tower Press
1900 Superior Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44113 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Participating Artists include... LiseAnderson MsKittysCloset SilverMadeStudio SusanKjewelry LazyTcrochet LesTroisFleurs UrbanArtifaks Elizabeth Vilkas Francine Ruth Karen Kress Valerie Tyler Karen Koch Gretchen Ciccotti Chris Zielski Sarah Dougherty Lena Szakaly Jen Nemrava Lea Wiertel Thomas Kukich Sheryl Siegel Mandizzle C.L.E. Clothing Co. Carla Morris

Click here for more details.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Everything Autumn

While it's still pretty hot here in Northeast Ohio, I can't help looking forward to Fall and all it's colors! I certainly don't want to rush it, or we'll be shoveling snow before you know it. I just thought I'd show you what I've been up to, by incorporating some rich, crisp, warm tones.
I cut up more fabric strips and used some to accent this dark orange T-shirt scarf or necklace. I cut the remaining fabric and wound it into two small balls and it's waiting for me to make a cute little bag with it.

My brother gave me a set of vintage leaves. They were an antique lace color, but looked like they were for needlepoint, or other needlework project. They're bigger than my hand and I thought they would look pretty hanging in a window. I bought some needlefelting supplies last year intended just for this project and I wasn't about to let another Fall go by without giving it a try.

These took me all day. I tweaked colors here and there, agonizing over them at times. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out, but I've determined that I don't enjoy the artistic aspect of needlefelting. I think I'll keep it simple and not take on too big of a project next time. I'm thinking of making these into a garland or perhaps a mobile with a wooden stick of some sort. They'll be hanging in my tent for the next show at Wooltex!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

And so it begins!

The next Cleveland Handmade Market will be on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 at the Wooltex Gallery on Superior Avenue. This Market will be a part of the Sparx City Hop.
We will have indoor and outdoor spaces available. Please visit Http:// for more information and to apply online or by mail.
You can also RSVP and invite others to the event via Facebook by clicking here.
See you there! :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Etsy Craft Party Doodlez

Thanks to Valerie Tyler for hosting the Cleveland Etsy Craft Party! It was in celebration of Etsy's 5th birthday. Since we had such a great response to the Meetup RSVP's, Etsy sent us a craft goody box.
I knew there were going to be porcelain paints, so I stopped at Goodwill on my way. I didn't find anything worth painting there, so I went next door to Dollar Tree and picked up four plain white coffee mugs. I am not at all crafty, but I thought that, if I bring extra mugs, maybe someone would paint something fun for me and make something for themselves as well. (I should have bought more, but wasn't sure who was bringing what.)
(Brenda, Tricia, and Nidhi)
It just so happens that my friend, Brenda, from BDoodleZ Cards and Design was there ( Though she said she has way too many coffee mugs as it is, she was happy to make something fun for me. Some people just used the colorful markers from Pebeo and others used the paint as well. As the light faded, we looked everywhere for the elusive green marker. The colors from the markers are bright and beautiful. I'm anxious to see the finished products from those who used the paints as well.

It had to sit for 24 hours before I could bake it, but I just had coffee in my beautiful new mug this morning.
Thank you so much Brenda! I love it! (Check out the beautiful doodlez and cards in her shop!)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun Giveaway at Fashion In The Forest

Stop by and follow Fashion In The Forest to enter the 25 Follower Giveaway! Fun prizes are up for grabs.

Clan Buchanan Complete

I can't believe that it's been 2 1/2 years since I started this project. I blogged about this afghan that I had started for my aunt and uncle. (January 2008!) It's crocheted and then woven for the plaid effect. I zipped through the crochet part and then hit my busy season and weaving the chains seemed to take forever. Well, Mom finally took the project home with her and finished it in no time. She gave it to my aunt and uncle months ago, but I never got to see it...until now. It turned out great! Thanks Mom.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Isn't this cute...

Isn't it funny how these two pictures are side-by-side like that? I was looking at who "hearts" this purse and happened to notice. I'm assuming the two have nothing in common other than the pose.
Thanks for the hearts ClydeKellerPhoto and prairiewind.

"Well, that's fun. Actually what I had in mind in choosing this pose is from a famous photo by Yousuf Karsh of Oscar Wilde- always admired it. My avatar is a homage to these two great artists from the last century."

Thanks Clyde!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Here, There, and Everywhere!

Today's topic for the Knit & Crochet Blog Week is "Where do you like to indulge in your craft?" and, for me, it is more like "Where don't I?"
When I was younger I used to tease my sister because she was always knitting. Now, I know why. It's so easy to take my knitting and crochet wherever I go. I spent an hour knitting in the car last night, waiting for my daughter who was late from rehearsal. So, I have gotten into the habit of keeping a project with me most of the time. You never know when you'll need to kill some time.

My most favorite place to knit or crochet is around the campfire. We cook outside a lot in the summer, whether it's while camping, or just in our back yard. We often grill over a wood fire and sometimes use the dutch oven. One thing about knitting (or crocheting) around the fire, is that your project will smell like smoke. So, I wouldn't work on a custom order, or anything that couldn't be washed. But something that's going to be felted in the washing machine anyway is the perfect project!

I especially love making shawls. They're such an old world style and working on one while relaxing around the fire gives me a wonderful "homey" feeling. Oh and it's even better when the kids are singing Spongebob's C.A.M.P.F.I.R.E. S.O.N.G. song!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knit & Crochet Blog Week Day 3 (and 4) seems that I blog too much. hehe
The topic for day 3 was "One Great Knitter" - I'll expand that into crochet. I have often written about The Crochet Works of Sally V. George. In a recent post, I showed a particular technique that I adapted from one of Sally's patterns. And, once again, I'll say how grateful I am that her daughter has made the original patterns available on her website at Check out the list of free crochet patterns for some vintage fun.
And, just yesterday I wrote how inspired I was by the cables on the tunic pattern from Lion Brand. Cables are definitely a skill that I hope to learn some day.

As far as a crochet skill, I'd like to do more in Tunisian crochet. Isn't this jacket beautiful? Check out the designs by Julia Bryant. They are gorgeous!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Inspirational Pattern - Knit and Crochet Blog Week, Day 2

Cables! I love the beauty of the many knit cable stitches, but I haven't taken the time to try them. Well, I did try a cable pattern a long time ago, but I was new to knitting and totally confused. This particular pattern from Lion Brand is beautiful, but probably not something I'd choose as my first attempt. They were offering it as a knit-a-long awhile ago and I would have loved to try it. Maybe someday. For now, I think I'll stick with a simple cabled leg warmer design.
To see more posts from Day 2 of Knit and Crochet Blog Week click HERE.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Starting Out - Do More Than Chain - Knitting and Crochet Blog Week , Day 1

When I was young, my Mom taught me how to crochet, or so I thought. I knew how to chain, chain, chain. And chain long chains I did. It was years later, when I had my own kids, that I decided to learn on my own. I had some old needlework books which each included a chapter on Crochet. That, combined with all the crochet books that our tiny town library had, provided me with the basic knowledge needed. I gave away some funky hats and eyeglass cases, lots of crochet-topped towels and dishcloths, and slippers galore. After awhile, I decided to try my hand at local craft shows and almost got stuck in the poncho era.
My skills evolved with a desire to create my own designs. I still enjoy creating classic designs in shawls, hats, mittens, and slippers, while not afraid to step out of the box and make something fun or "different". As I've written about before, I often find inspiration from buttons, especially BIG buttons, and I'm not afraid to create my own designs without patterns. Luxurious wraps, felted purses, funky hoods, etc
As far as knitting is concerned, I started out slowly. I had a busy crochet business, and knitting anything seemed to take me forever in comparison. I do love to knit, and am still learning many techniques. I am grateful for the internet access that we have now, compare to when I was first learning crochet. It's easy to look up a knit stitch or bind-off method online.
I'm glad that my Mom showed me the basics of crochet. She still crochets and knits, some for accessories for herself, and some for charity. My sister is a wonderful knitter and especially enjoys knitting her own handspun wool. I have taught my daughter to crochet and she knows the basics enough to teach her friends to make bracelets and scarves. She also models many of my creations.
You can read more entries from Day 1 of the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week HERE.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Knit & Crochet Blog Week is next week!

Calling all yarn-loving bloggers!
Next week is Knit & Crochet Blog Week. Hosted by eskimimi knits, every day between 26th April – 2nd May 2010 there will be a blogging topic (relating to knitting and crochet) asking for your experiences, opinions and hopes on various aspects of your hobby, one topic and a short explanation is provided for each day, plus a ‘wildcard’ topic in case you just don’t fancy one of the blogging topics for any particular day.
Check out eskimimi knits blog for a complete list of topics and FAQ's!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Digging In

We've got the garden tilled and have some herbs and onions growing. The asparagus is just starting to pop up! If you haven't yet, check out this asparagus post from May '08 for tasty tidbits....
Jolly Green Giant - asparagus recipes