Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Greener than the Grass

I did a little felting experiment. I think it turned out okay. I wrote everything down so that I can make some changes to the design next time. The handle needs to be a little wider and maybe a little shorter. Going by the general rule of thumb that crochet felts more lengthwise than widthwise kind of screwed me up a little. I didn't get the 80% shrinkage lengthwise that I had written down from a previous swatch. I think that, when felting crochet, a lot depends on the stitch. Single crochet felts differently than half-double or double crochet would.

Here's the bag pre-felted.

And here it is drying on the line. I have it stuffed with a soccer ball and some plastic bags. Direct sun is probably not a good idea, but Hooray, the sun is shining!!
As long as no birds poo on it, I think the project can be considered a success! The color is "lemongrass" which is actually greener than the grass today. I hope this bag sells at a local show this weekend. If not, look for it in my Etsy shop next week, with more to follow.


SToNZ said...

I LOVE this new bag, T!!
(Hope no birds get it!)
Good luck with your show~

Kathy~Sweet Bird Designs said...

Pretty color:)

SimplyCrochet said...

I love it, it so brings Spring to mind. That would make a super cute Easter bag!!

Casa de Kitties said...

I love this bag - could you explain how you felted your bag? I have only seen instructions to felt knitted materials and I wasn't sure if it was the same process for crochet items

LazyTcrochet said...

It is pretty much the same felting process Casa de Kitties. Trial and error, and check it often!