Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Lost Arts

I've been researching crochet stitches for a shawl that I'm designing. I have a few old Needlework books that I love to look through and always end up getting lost in time. There are so many techniques that have come and gone, to only live on in antique pieces and books.
This morning, I found myself browsing this site for hours - "The Project Gutenberg eBook of Encyclopedia of Needlework by Theresa De Dillmont".
While I don't enjoy working with thread these days, I think it's fun to incorporate some stitches or motifs into a modern design. I was browsing the "Crochet Work" section, only to find that there are hundreds of needlework techniques preserved in this invaluable document! Finding inspiration from these designs makes me realize how much I could have learned from my great-grandmother, Eleanor. I do have some placemats that she made and I hope to recreate that pattern some day. I also have a hooked rug and a rocking chair that are in need of repair, and a weaving loom that a good friend gave to me. Show me the way, Grandma Nonie!


NoviceLife said...

Good Luck! :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

You are so right! Not many people are doing these crafts today. Your post reminded me that I have some work of my mother's (hot pads). But what beautiful hot pads they are! (intricately knitted)

Thea said...

I'm a fan of project gutenberg, there. I think it's really great that these books aren't lots, but preserved for anyone to see.

Valerie said...

Those are absolutely beautiful!