Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sally Inspires Me!

I first wrote about Sally V. George last March for National Crochet Month. Here's an excerpt...

"I've had a link on the side of my blog for a long time now of The Crochet Works of Sally V. George. Her remarkable talent is painstakingly-detailed in the patterns she created. The website continues now, thanks to her family. I encourage anyone to make a donation through Paypal in order to keep the site going and continue to make Sally's works available to us all. While the patterns may look "old" to some, to me they are quite inspiring."
I'm so happy that her family has continued to make the patterns available on a new, updated website at The Hook & Yarn Shop. You can read about Sally's work and download patterns to learn from her wisdom.

My favorite from the collection, is the Easter Basket. The handle uses a piece of cotton clothesline and the crossed-chain trim on this design is beautiful. I've learned so many techniques from Sally's patterns, but this trim is my favorite. You can see how I added this style to the sleeve edging on this Pink Shrug design from a few years ago.
Although some of the designs may seem old-fashioned, and you may not ordinarily make things like that, I encourage you to take a closer look....it may inspire you!


HookandYarn said...

Oh Tricia, what a wonderful tribute to my mother! Thank you so much!
We no longer take paypal donations, but soon we will have cute stationary to offer and if they would buy that, that would help a lot. :)
I LOVE how you have incorporated the basket edge into your sweater sleeve! Beautiful!
Thank you again - you are an inspiration as well~

Splendid Little Stars said...

The cross chain trim on the basket and the shrug is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Tricia, I just LOVE your shrug! I've been sifting through loads of patterns looking for something like this. Do you happen to have a pattern for it?

arina1963 said...

it is a pitty the pages does't excist anymore. here work is lovely!