Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Be Social, Not Snarky!

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"How is it that we've been both doing this same show for over three years now and I've never seen your stuff?" This was the question recently posed to me by a local crafter. The answer? "Because you never took the time to look around you!"
Seriously. I've been doing art and craft shows for several years now and it always amazes me how many people walk right on by. I know it's sometimes busy and you may be by yourself at this show, but it really would only take a few minutes of your time to walk around, talk to people and make an effort to see what it is that they do. Some shows are huge and you wouldn't have time to visit everyone (and I'm not saying that you have to), but if it's a smaller show or if there's a lull in the crowd, what's stopping you?
You may not be interested in my knit and crochet goodies. That's okay. I would still take time to look at yours. Even if I've seen you at a previous show and even if I am not interested in buying something from you, I would still smile and say hello as I moved on around the room.
These friends are brimming with creativity. You'll never know what you'll find! It's called Social Networking. So, take some time to respect your local crafter today. Thank you!


Miss Val's Creations said...

Agreed! I always feel inspired when I talk to other crafters about their work, no matter what it is.

knittingdragonflies said...

I agree, I've found the most fun I having while doing a craft show is the people I meet, especially the other vendors!
Take care