Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Felting Time

While Granny Squares are not my favorite thing to crochet, I am excited about felting them into a groovy handbag. It's been a long time since I've felted (or fulled) anything fun. Hats are my favorite thing to felt, but I'll be making mittens, purses, slippers, and more. I think I'll get an electric tea kettle to use down stairs. My water is hot, but it doesn't stay hot enough and I like to add a kettle of hot water to it as it cools down. I was making myself nervous carrying a kettle of boiling water down the stairs.

Crocheting or knitting something and then felting it in hot water is my favorite form of felting.
Wet-felting is fun, but I tend to make a huge mess! Needlefelting is something I'd like to do more of. I've never been "artistic" in the drawing or painting sense, but needle felting seemed to coax the creativity right out of me. It flowed so easily as I painted with the wool. So, I'll be working with some raw and colorful fibers very soon!