Friday, August 3, 2012

Fresh! Key Lime Pie

My dad has always preferred pie for his birthday, and while I do make a mean pie crust and usually make the classics (peach, blueberry, apple or raisin walnut), the fresh key limes I found at the store swayed me.
 I was all set to make the crust, but when I found Emeril's recipe, it called for a graham cracker crust. Yes, I bought a prepared crust (mostly because I was traveling and it was easier).
I knew that getting one whole cup of juice out of these tiny limes was going to be a chore, but once I thought to try the garlic press, it went a lot easier!
This simple recipe calls for key lime juice, sweetened condensed milk and eggs. That's it! My daughter and I agreed that ours mouths were "ready for cheesecake" because it looked so much like cheesecake. It was, instead, tangy, creamy and delicious! Topped with a bit of sour cream mixed with powdered sugar, it was scrumptious. If I had sprinkled a tiny bit of lime zest on top, my mouth wouldn't have been so confused LOL.

Although it was very good with the graham cracker crust, it would have been just as tasty with a flaky, homemade crust. It's coming on peach and apple season, so I'll share my Grandmother's pie crust techniques soon! Enjoy.